About Us


The New York Film/Video Council is New York’s oldest continuously operating non-profit serving the independent film, video and electronic arts community. For over 70 years, we’ve been a haven for lively discussions, panels and screenings.

Founded in 1946, the Council was one of the only film organizations operating in New York.  Now, in a rich sea of film and media organizations, the Council is unique in drawing together members for events across the breadth of our community. 

Our roster of members includes important narrative, avant-garde and documentary filmmakers, programmers, archivists, scriptwriters, critics, professors, animators and others with a passion for film.  NYFVC members are affiliated with such organizations as The Museum of Modern Art, Filmakers Library, The New York Public Library, the IFP, Maysles Films, SVA, EAI, Columbia, and BAM.

Over the years, NYFVC programs have addressed technological innovation, independent production, finance, production, distribution and exhibition, international production, fair use, restoration, non-theatrical media for social change among other urgent topics. The evolution of the NYFVC has always mirrored the evolution of the field.

The NYFVC is run by an entirely volunteer board and spends every penny of dues on programming and events, which are largely FREE for members. Join or give a gift of membership today!

It is a never-ending source of amazement to me that the NYFVC keeps renewing and adapting to the myriad changes in the world of media. The Council has helped make New York City an exciting place to work and live.
— Bill Sloan, Curator and Chief Emeritus, MoMA Film Library
I always enjoy working with the Council, associating myself with their good work.
— Albert Maysles, Filmmaker and NYFVC Member